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certifications as the Company requires to ensure compliance with the above. Any sale, transfer, assignment, pledge or other disposal made other than in compliance with such laws and the above stated restrictions will be subject to compulsory and automatic transfer provisions as provided in the Company’s articles of association whereby the transferee may be required to transfer its Shares or, in the event that a transfer of Shares may result in the assets of the Company constituting “plan assets” under ERISA, such Shares may automatically be transferred into a charitable trust upon which transfer the transferor would lose its rights to the Shares in favour of a right to certain consideration.


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(ii) a company that owns not less than $5,000,000 in investments and that is owned directly or indirectly by or for two or more natural persons who are related as siblings or spouse (including former spouses), or direct lineal descendants by birth or adoption, spouses of such persons, the estates of such persons, or foundations, charitable organisations, or trusts established by or for the benefit of such persons;

(iii) a trust that is not covered by clause (ii) above and that was not formed for the specific purpose of acquiring the securities of the Company, as to which the trustee or other person authorised to make decisions with respect to the trust, and each settlor or other person who has contributed assets to the trust, is a person described in clause (i), (ii) or (iv) hereto; or

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