Investment Objective

The Investment Objective of Chenavari Capital Solutions is to provide Shareholders with an attractive return, while limiting downside risk, through investment in Bank Capital Solutions Transactions primarily with UK and European banks. Bank Capital Solutions Transactions are transactions designed to allow banks to reduce their risk-weighted assets on portfolios of assets, or otherwise optimise the capital required to be held against such exposures.



Chenavari Capital Solutions seeks to exploit opportunities arising from the increased regulatory capital requirements for European banks under the Basel III framework. The strategy allows banks to reduce the regulatory capital required to be held against specific portfolios of assets.


Type of Fund

Closed ended investment fund





Stock Exchange dealings

The Company’s shares are admitted to trading on the Specialist Fund Market (“SFM”) of the London Stock Exchange. The Company’s TIDM or dealing code on the SFM is CCSL.


Key Parties

The Company’s Investment Manager is Chenavari Investment Managers (Luxembourg) S.a.r.l.

The Investment Adviser is Chenavari Credit Partners LLP, a UK limited liability partnership authorised and regulated by the FCA and by the SEC. For more information about Chenavari Credit Partners LLP please click here

  • Corporate broker: Fidante Capital (formerly Dexion Capital plc)
  • Administrator: Morgan Sharpe Administration Limited
  • Sub-administrator: Quintillion Limited
  • Custodian: JPMorgan Chase Bank National Association, Jersey Branch
  • Registrar: Capita Registrars (Guernsey) Limited
  • Auditors: Deloitte LLP
Price and NAV performance

The Fund’s NAV will be determined by the Administrator on a monthly basis. Please see section entitled “Performance” on this website.


Dividend Policy

Subject to compliance with the Companies Law and the satisfaction of the solvency test set out therein, the Company intends to distribute all its income from investments, net of expenses, by way of dividends on a quarterly basis with dividends declared in October, January, April and July and paid in November, February, May and August in each year. The Company may retain income for distribution in a subsequent quarter to that in which it arises in order to smooth dividend amounts or for the purpose of efficient cash management.


ISA & SIPP eligible



Launch date

7 October 2013